First Time Trial Hike

50% OFF 

$39  -> $19.50 per dog 

Use Code: NEWADVENTURE when signing up!

Pack Hike

$39 per dog

*This is for clients who have successfully completed their trial hike


pay as little as $31 per dog


pay as little as $29 per dog

*Subscriptions are only available after completing the trial hike.

 Contact us if you have 3+ dogs you would like to subscribe to hikes. 

Contact us if you are wanting more than 4 hikes a week for your dog. We can create CUSTOM SUBSCRIPTIONS just for your dog at greater discounts!

Our services are offered Monday-Saturday.

So, you've scheduled your first hike.

 Now what?

We drive to you!

*Pick-up/drop-off times are subject to change, and are not always the same due to order of dog pick up, extended time hiking, weather, etc. We also change hike times depending on the time of year. Earlier hike times during hotter months, later hike times during cooler months. 

We will be out frolicking for AT LEAST 2 HOURS every hike. Your dog will typically be out of the house for around 3-4 hours when including time driving to pick up dogs and to the trail.

After booking a hike, the confirmation email will have a link to access photos of your dog exploring. They will be shared within 24 hours of your dog's hike. 

We provide leashes, water, treats, and doggy bags.

  NOTE: Dogs must have at least moderate recall and obedience skills. They must show no aggression towards dogs or people. Some dogs must stay on-leash until they develop adequate recall skills. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations. Dogs must wear a well-fit collar or harness for the hike with tags. Canyon Canines reserves the right to cancel or shorten a hike due to inclement or extreme weather or any other emergency that may happen. 

Contact Us for the 2+ DOGGIE DISCOUNT


OCCASIONAL HIKERS: For folks who don't subscribe and only book individual hikes, we give 15% off your total booking if requested

SUBSCRIBERS: For 2+ dog clients who subscribe, we give you an additional 5% off the already discounted subscription service, giving you up to a 20% discount

First Time Booking

For dogs going on their first hike with the pack, we use certain safety restrictions to minimize any risks to other dogs or people. We will keep dogs on-leash and gradually test their off-leash recall ability. We will gradually introduce them to each dog to see how they respond. If aggressive behavior is demonstrated, we will separate dogs and if necessary, return the aggressive dog home early. We reserve the right to reject services for the safety of hikers & dogs.While we reinforce important training techniques, all hikers are not certified dog trainers. If your dog struggles with aggression or recall, we highly recommend our dog trainer friends at Bold K9 Solutions to help build your dog's skills. After your dog gains the necessary skills, we would be happy to take it on another trial hike to join the pack. If your dog passes their first trial hike, you will be able to schedule reoccurring pack hikes for your dog! 


You can reschedule a hike anytime up to 24 hours before your booked hike through the confirmation email you were sent when you booked the hike. If you need to reschedule after the 24 hour period has passed, contact us, and we will be happy to move your hike to a different day, as the system will not allow you to do it manually after 24 hours before your hike.

This policy will help mitigate last second cancellations/rescheduling so that our hikers are able to prepare the day before scheduled hikes. It will also give enough time for additional dogs to join the hike that couldn't have otherwise.

Cancellation & Refunds

If you would like to cancel your booked hike and do not want to reschedule, please contact us. If you contact us more than 24 hours before your booked hike, we are happy to provide you with a full refund.  If you cancel after the 24 hour deadline, the hike is non-refundable.


of Canyon Canines:

🐾 Free online access to countless candid photos and videos of your dog vibing in the backcountry.

🐾 Book & pay anytime, anywhere at your convenience. 

🐾 Reschedule and cancel anytime up to 24 hrs before your hike.

🐾 Have access to varying subscription discounts (10-25%) 

🐾 For owners with more than one dog, we offer a discount.

🐾 We handle pick up & drop offs! You don't even have to be home.